About This Site…


Welcome to fəxlüz, an experimental website conceived as a hybrid blend of travel zine, discussion forum, portfolio, and manifesto.  It takes the form of a WordPress v4.x installation paired with a PHPBB v3.x bulletin board.  

Each post will be matched with a corresponding topic thread in the forum to facilitate more in-depth conversation beyond the scope of normal blog comments.  With the exception of only a few forums, even unregistered/anonymous users may post comments and forum replies.

periodically send a newsletter that will summarize recent posts and interesting discussions, although registration for the newsletter is separate from forum registration; I hate being signed up for things without my knowledge and want unsolicited junk mail sent to me about as much as you do.  (You’ll find the newsletter registration form at the bottom of each page).


Regarding the publishing schedule, as I’ll be on the road for most of the the rest of 2017, new blog entries will appear only irregularly.  Once 2018 rolls around, though, I plan to post at least twice a month, and perhaps as often as once a week.

I plan to cover a variety of topics, although the blog will usually focus on my current projects and thoughts, as well as recent events and topics  inspired by forum discussions.

I maintain an open-door policy for quality blog submissions on pretty much any topic, and particularly welcome written responses to previously posted content (particularly if you disagree).  Please feel free contact me if you’ve written or plan to write something that you’d consider submitting here — or for any other reason.